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Burzum - Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God

Burzum - Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God

Dungeon synth is atmospheric dark ambient music done primarily with keyboards. The themes are usually based around fantasy, paganism, a nd ancient/medieval times. The musicians often have a strong connection to black metal, many dungeon synth bands being side-projects of artists whose main focus is black metal. Even there are old recprds with atmospheric music, the first properly dungeon synth song w

asChanneling the power of souls by Burzum, them some black metal bands from scandinavia and Rusia started to record atmospheric songs like it with synths, the most famous are Nietzkov, Ghost of oceania, Erang, Gyl galad, Lord Lodivicus, and Arthema.

Drone Dunegon Synth

Epic dungeon music

Epic dungeon music

Then Nietzkov took a futher step with heavyness, blackness and terror, creating a sub genre called Drone Dungeon Synth or Black Dungeon Synth. Which according to Nietzkov this music genre purpose is get people enter into the fear os G-d, and warrant to do not use his music for pagans because it couls cause demonic possession.

The sound of drone dungeon synth is more distorted, like "Gorgoroth is slow motion hellish sound", with repettitive patterns to induce hypnosis and meditative-fear-state of mind.

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Gil galad

Ghost of Oceania

Lord Lodivicus




The seal of R'Lyeh

This mortal night

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